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How to order

How to order
you can select product and color on website and order by email or line

email: daruneeflower@gmail.com
Line ID: thongin_tippluk
Tel: +668-1473-5947 (Thongin)
How to sent the sales quotation
1. Send your sales quotation to E-mail : daruneeflower@gmail.com
2. Fax : 0-542-30751


1. Theamount of the production
            You can order any colour as you want but it’scolour  differ from the stock you must order more than 1,000  flowers per color. 
2. The price that we show you is the price for single color in a flower only. The price for double colours in a flower is higher about 20%.

For example

       singlecolour flower                                              double colour flower

3. The price doesn't include transportation fee.

4. How to scale the flower, example

Warning :
Please check the price before ordering.



1. Transfer money to account number 667-0-10396-6 Bangkok Bank Branch Chiang Mai, account's name SomprasongTipplok.
2. Send your payment bill to (E-mail) or fax on number 0-542-30751 and 0-542-30751
3. Don't forget to write your name-sir name, order number and your mobile phone